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Welcome to, my campaign web site! If you came here looking for help with a state-related matter, please visit my legislative web site:

My third term in office has been even more exciting and challenging than the first two.  This was my first term in "divided government" and it has provided me with the opportunity to really understand how politics and partisanship get in the way of good government.

While I anticipate continuing my focus on education and enabling private-sector job creation, I plan to ramp up my advocacy for real government reform.  Make no mistake.  This will be an uphill battle, but it will be a battle worth fighting.  Unless we can reform the way state government operates, we can never pass legislation to address many of the other critical issues facing our state.

Because I believe that actions speak louder than words, I will continue to keep my promise to lead by examplerefusing the state paid car, the per diems, the pension, and by running my district office in a manner that has saved tax-payers thousands of dollars.  During the most-recent budget impasse, I did not cash my pay-checks to prove to my constituents that I don't think legislators are more important than the people they serve.  If schools and human service agencies are not being funded, neither should we!

Winning a campaign is a team effort and I wholeheartedly believe that "many hands make light work."  I hope that you will consider joining our team!



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