Dan Truitt has quickly become known as one of Harrisburg’s most independent voices – refusing to play partisan politics and focusing instead on the issues that matter most to the people of his community and Pennsylvania.

A successful businessman for 17 years, Dan is an engineer who brings his strong analytical skills to solving problems. Equally important, he understands the need to control costs and develop responsible budgets – as we all do in our homes and businesses.

The father of two sons, Dan is also a strong believer in maintaining and improving a strong education system. He understands that a strong education system not only prepares our children for the future, but also attracts job creators to our area, and contributes to increasing property values. That is why Dan has supported numerous budgets that increase state funding for education to its highest level ever, as well as initiatives that refocus education on teaching valuable skills, rather than teaching to tests.

A strong fiscal conservative by nature, Dan has focused much of his tenure demanding a proper balance between taxing and spending. He has worked to compromise on budget issues and is a co-sponsor of legislation to tax natural gas drilling, but opposes broad-based tax increase on working families and seniors.

Dan is a leader in the effort to reform Harrisburg and make it more accountable to taxpayers. Leading by example, Dan kept his promise to refuse the taxpayer-funded pension; he also refuses per diems while sponsoring legislation to eliminate them completely. Dan is also a supporter of fair public pension reform that would save taxpayers billions of dollars, as well as end the current pension system for legislators.

Dan and his wife, Michele, live in East Goshen and have been married for over twenty-eight years. Michele has worked as a mammography technologist for the Main Line Health System since 1988, serving countless local women by attending to their healthcare needs. When she is not working or spending time with family, Michele also volunteers with several local organizations.

As an Eagle Scout and life-long scouter, Dan continues to work with the Boy Scouts of America as an active merit badge counselor and unit commissioner here in Chester County. His scouting background and generous spirit has driven Dan to give his time to many other local organizations as well. Dan is an electrical engineer, having earned his Bachelor of Science from Villanova University and his Masters in Computer Science from West Chester University, and is the only Professional Engineer representing Pennsylvanians in the Legislature.


Associated Builders and Contractors

Chester County Chamber of Business & Industry

Humane PA

National Federation of Independent Business – NFIB

Pennsylvania Business Council – PEGPAC

Pennsylvania Chamber of Business and Industry

Fact Check

Unfortunately, many political candidates think it is OK to take words out of context, distort facts, stretch the truth, or even tell stone-cold lies to win an election. This section is devoted to setting the record straight about both Dan and his opponent.

The Facts About Dan's Opponent:

Her Record on Taxes and Spending

Dan's opponent voted to raise taxes and fees several times while she was a member of West Chester Borough Council.

Click Here for the Proof

Her Failure to Comply with Campaign Finance Law

Dan's opponent violated two sections of Pennsylvania campaign finance law and was accused of violating a third. She started fund-raising for her campaign for State Representative BEFORE she registered her campaign committee with the state and BEFORE she authorized the committee to raise funds for her race for State Representative. When the time came to file her first round of campaign finance reports, she filed campaign finance reports with the state and the county which included notarized affidavit swearing that, to her knowledge, the committee was in compliance with all campaign finance laws. However, markings on the reports that were filed made it seem that she should have known that the committee was not in compliance. If so, her notarized signature on the reports would have constituted an act of perjury which would disqualify her from hold any elected office in the Commonwealth.

4/24/2016 - The Complaint that was Filed in Court

Confronted with her violations of the law, she immediately admitted to the first two violations, but said that she did not perjure herself because the first two violations were the result of "inadvertence". Inadvertence means carelessness and negligence. Do these sound like good qualities for a would-be state legislator?

4/26/2016 - Her Official Response

The court agreed that the case had merit and ordered her to appear for a hearing.

5/12/2016 - The Initial Court Order

At the hearing, she doubled down on her "ignorance of the law" excuse and admitted that she made no attempt to research state campaign finance laws before she embarked on her campaign for State Representative. Again, does this sound like appropriate behavior who wants to write state laws? Will she let her colleagues and staff do all of her research if she gets into office?

7/27/2016 - The Hearing Transcript

The court found that she, in fact, did violate campaign finance law, but also agreed that she was ignorant of the law and therefore did not commit perjury.

8/4/2016 - The Final Ruling

The Facts About Dan:

The Endorsement of Donald Trump that Never Happened

Utilizing an all-too-common practice of taking a candidate’s words out of context, Dan’s opponent has falsely accused him of endorsing Donald Trump. The quotes were taken from a conversation with a CBS reporter regarding what the delegates to the Republican National Convention would have to do to unite the Republican party at the convention. This interview took place as the delegates boarded a bus for Cleveland in early July. The conversation was not about regular voters or even Dan’s position on the presumptive nominee.

Dan did not vote for Donald Trump in the primary election and feels that both of the major party presidential nominees are unworthy of the office they seek. Both candidates are known to have serious character flaws and Dan has not endorsed any candidate for president. He laments the fact that voters this year (2016) must choose between the two worst candidates in his lifetime or vote for a third-party candidate with no chance at victory.

HB-1077 - The Bill That Dan Did NOT Introduce

Dan's opponent has tried to mislead voters by saying that Dan "introduced" HB-1077 when, in fact, he was just one of the original 112 co-sponsors. The "Prime Sponsors" of a bill are the ones who authored it and introduced it and they are always listed first on the co-sponsor list, but Dan's name appears near the end of the list of co-sponsors. Dan's opponent also lies by omission when she conveniently fails to mention that Dan actually removed himself from the list of co-sponsors after medical professionals expressed concerns about the details of the bill and the bill's prime sponsors refused to fix it. This lie is especially egregious considering the fact that Dan's opponent sent him an email on March 16th of 2012, thanking Dan for removing his name from the co-sponsor list and praising his willingness to change his mind in light of new information. She even added that it was "an important quality for an elected official."

Where Dan Really Stands on Gun Control

Dan's opponent is trying to claim that Dan opposes commonsense gun laws, but this is simply not true. Dan is a co-sponsor of HB-1020 which would require the reporting of a lost or stolen gun because it is believed that this would help to prevent "straw purchases" where individuals who can buy guns buy them for individuals who are prohibited from buying them.

Also, Dan DID vote for universal background checks when a democrat attempted to amend HB-1010 into HB-1243 on September 23rd of 2014 and Dan's opponent sent him an email in 2014, thanking him for co-sponsoring HB-1243 which would have required the Pennsylvania State Police to send mental health data to the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) to help keep guns out of the hands of folks who should not have them. She also thanked him for supporting the background check amendment and said "We appreciate you standing with the vast majority of local and state voters in support of common-sense laws to help reduce gun violence." We suspect that she forgot about this email when she decided to spread this lie about Dan!



As our State Representative, Dan has proven that you can bring common sense to government to make a positive difference for people since he was first elected in 2010.

Putting Taxpayers First
Dan has used his real-world experiences as a businessman to work for strong fiscal controls that make sure the state is spending only what it has in revenue, while focusing on priorities like education and job creation. He supports a severance tax on natural gas drilling, but opposes increases in broad-based income or sales taxes on working families and seniors.

Dan is also a strong supporter of property tax reform – including bipartisan education funding formula changes – that would eliminate property taxes for ALL homeowners while ensuring fair funding of our local schools.

Sparking Economic & Job Growth
As a successful business owner for over 17 years, Dan has first-hand experience in knowing how government can better help employers and entrepreneurs grow our economy and create good-paying jobs. As Representative, he has used this knowledge to work for common sense initiatives – from tax reforms to regulatory changes – that make Pennsylvania more competitive in the national and global marketplace.

Dan’s work has helped keep Chester County’s unemployment rate among the lowest in the state, and earned him the endorsement of job creators like the Chester County Chamber of Business and Industry, the NFIB, as well as other organizations.

Making Education & Local Schools a Priority
As a father of two school aged sons (college and high school), Dan knows the value of high quality education and the need for strong local schools. As Representative, he has repeatedly supported budgets that provide record amounts of state funding for education – raising it to its highest level ever. But Dan also understands that improving education is about more than just giving colleges and school districts more money.

Dan advocates for Pennsylvania’s students by introducing and supporting legislation that would provide more flexibility and local control to parents, teachers, and administrators. He believes in increased educational opportunities (such as vocational education and the trades) for all children, and affordable secondary education. In addition to introducing innovative educational legislative initiatives that make sure schools are focusing on teaching important skills children need to succeed, Dan also supports legislation that accomplishes the same when it is introduced by others, regardless of party affiliation. For several years, Dan has been fighting for the elimination of Keystone exams as a graduation requirement by the State, and will continue to lead the charge in their permanent elimination as a graduation requirement, allowing local districts the control to determine how Keystone exams should be used in conjunction with their own curriculum.

Leading by Example on Reform
Dan believes government works best when our elected officials are 100% committed to us. That’s why he leads by example – he has kept his promise to refuse the taxpayer-paid pension, per diems, and perks, and will continue to do so. He also supports legislative initiatives that would end the current pension system for elected officials, and end the per diem system by making legislators follow I.R.S. guidelines for expense reimbursements. During the budget impasse Dan chose not to cash his paychecks from July through December, and has co-sponsored legislation that would penalize legislators by eliminating their pay during an impasse if future budgets are not passed by the June 30 deadline, as is required by our State Constitution.

Dan also supported new initiatives that are increasing accountability and transparency by posting state and school district spending information on-line for public review. He also supports new legislation that would help curb the power of special interest lobbyists in Harrisburg, as well as other measures that would bring reform and accountability to the Legislature, Governor, and Judicial branches of government.



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