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Welcome to, my campaign web site! If you came here looking for help with a state-related matter, please visit my legislative web site:

My second term in office was exciting and challenging.  While
some may view certain issues as daunting or insurmountable, I simply view obstacles as a reason to increase my efforts.  I feel like I'm already changing the way others think in Harrisburg and I'm confident that my influence will only grow as time passes and I continue to share my vision and beliefs with other legislators.  For this reason, I'm working hard on my re-election campaign and I humbly ask for your support.  Winning a campaign is a team effort and I wholeheartedly believe that "many hands make light work."

These past four years have brought many changes to the state
legislature and the Governor’s office which have helped put
Pennsylvania back on the right track.  We focused the state budget on priorities like education funding, despite the loss of billions of federal stimulus dollars.  We are allocating more money to basic education than ever before!  We made our state a more friendly place for job creators through common sense initiatives and reforms to our tort, business tax, regulatory, and welfare systems.

Just as important, I have kept my promise to lead by examplerefusing the state paid car, the per diem, the pension, and by running my district office in a manner that has saved tax-payers thousands of dollars.  During my time in Harrisburg, I have kept the promises I made to bring fiscal discipline to state government, push for real reform and begin to put us on the path back to economic success.

While this is a strong record, I believe it is only a “good start” as there is more to be done to continue moving Pennsylvania on the right path.  That is why I ask for your support – so I may return to Harrisburg and continue the efforts that are bringing fiscal discipline to state government and will restore our economic strength.

I hope that you will consider joining our team!



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